USD Carbon Franky Morales

USD Carbon Franky

The new USD Carbon Franky is designed to look like the original Jordan ii shoe. The padding is thicker and softer in this edition.

Carbon Free+ DIY

The new Carbon-Free Plus is the first ever dyeable skate in the market. It also has a heat moldable liner

V13 Alex Broskow

Valo commemorates the Roces M12 by releasing the V13. The original M12 shell is still used to this day as the base design for all Valo Skates

Remz Nils Jansons

The long awaited new Nils Jansons skate has a new slimmer liner, new softer shockabsorber and a new improved featherlite 3 frame

Razors SL Aragon 6

This could be the last Aragon skate, the A6 is modeled after Brian's original pro skate, grey boot with black highlights.

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